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How ICON is changing the face of college recruitment

In years gone by, ICON’s recruitment in the United States involved very little direct contact with universities, which meant there was no pipeline of graduates being recruited and trained into the ICON business. This all changed in 2014 when a group from the Talent Acquisition team planned recruitment events at colleges across the US.

Sasha Brown and Annie Perinelli took it upon themselves to give ICON a presence at colleges and universities spanning from the East Coast to the West Coast. The initiative has grown into a system that actively targets Ivy League Universities such as Berkley and Stanford, seeking out new talent with a particular focus on the areas of public health, biology and engineering.

The process for identifying new talent

ICON’s acquisition team now plan and deliver information sessions, interview days and careers fairs, with a much more organised structure than before. The team has a branded presence when they are on campus, armed with plenty of ICON information and marketing materials. The days are planned and executed more efficiently than ever, with acquisition staff members organising on-campus interviews as well as ensuring senior managers are up to speed with the recruitment process.

Why does ICON value graduates?

ICON recognises graduates’ abilities to add fresh knowledge to the business. As the organisation continues to grow, graduates develop and evolve in their careers and ICON is able to support this with a clear career map.

While graduates are an integral part of the ICON recruitment strategy, there can be challenges when it comes to identifying and attracting the best US college graduates. It can be difficult to narrow down the schools which will provide the best market of students, and increasing market competitors means ICON must position itself as a market leader.

What does ICON look for in a graduate?

If you’re considering a career with ICON after your study, put September/October and March/April in your diary, as these are the peak times of year for graduate intake. Those with knowledge in the fields of biology, engineering and public health will have an advantage, but the talent acquisition team is looking for more than just book smarts.

“We focus on recruiting from specific majors but graduates also need to demonstrate strategic thinking skills, have the ability to conceptualise and partner or co-ordinate with other teams within the business,” Sasha Brown says of the recruitment process.

Candidates with cognitive thinking skills and strong communication skills are also sought after.

“Our commercialization and outcomes division requires individuals that are able to communicate effectively and problem solve,” says Annie Perinelli regarding the type of graduates that could be a successful candidates.

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities available at ICON, click here to learn more about our global graduate program. For more information on Annie and Sasha and their experience with the company, visit our Talent Acquisition section.
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