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5 tips to make a lasting impression in a video interview

The number of companies using video interviews jumped up by 67% in four weeks in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Both employers and recruiters were forced to adopt new technologies due to the restrictions of meeting candidates in person but with this shift came many added benefits – one being that digital interviews increase hiring flexibility.

Interviewers meet with several people for one role - more for high-demand jobs – so not only do you need to have your answers prepared and have done your background research on the company, you also need to ensure the interviewer comes away from your virtual meeting knowing they won’t forget you. Here are 5 tips that will ensure you a lasting impression in your next video interview

Record a trial run

It’s said that hiring managers make their decision about a candidate within the first 90 seconds of an interview, and while this figure is up for debate it does highlight that interviewers are assessing you right from the start. To make sure you make a lasting impression, record a trial and watch it back to see how you could improve. Watch out for where you could give more succinct answers, check the lighting and look to see if there’s anything in the background that might be distracting. Listen back to the sound quality and make sure you can be heard clearly with no audio delay. Interviews tend to span 30 minutes to an hour, so make the most of every second.

Tune in early

For an in-person interview, it’s recommended that you arrive 15 minutes early. This is both a buffer, in case you’re delayed, and shows the recruiter that you’re organised. This is no different for a video interview and considering the many technical glitches that can prevent you from logging in on time – slow internet, computer malfunctions or a faulty video link – it should be a top priority to tune in early.

A survey by Simply Hired revealed around 94% of hiring managers agree that a candidate arriving late has a negative effect on hiring and is the biggest red flag in an interview. No matter whether it’s an in-person or virtual interview it will be harder to impress the interviewer with your answers when you give the impression that you’re disorganised.

Eye contact

Although you might not be in the same room as the interviewer, making eye contact is just as important. Simply Hired found that lack of eye contact was the 8th most important factor when considering a negative impression in an interview. Looking around the room or gazing down at your screen will give the impression that you are distracted or disinterested – neither of these are good messages to send when you’re hoping to get a job offer. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make notes, in fact, notes will convey that you’re serious about the position and are helpful to refer to after the meeting.

Concentrate on your strengths

Being in your own home - or space you’re comfortable in - will help you turn any interview nerves into poise. Put this confidence to good use and focus on what makes you the best candidate for the job. 67% of recruiters reveal that finding high quality candidates is their top challenge during the hiring process – so use the interview to show the other person why you’re qualified for the job and should be hired over any other candidate. A bonus tip is to make the power pose right before the video interview begins to give you an extra boost of confidence.

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Make it a two-way conversation

There are two styles of video interviewing – one-way and two-way – and both have their unique advantages. One-way interviews can be easier to schedule since you don’t need to find a time that both you and the other person are available, but recording answers to questions sent over by the interviewer restricts you from making a more meaningful connection with them. If your upcoming interview is two-way then take advantage of the chance to ask them questions.

Steering away from the script of the interview is a great way to showcase your personality and tell the interviewer things about you that they’d otherwise miss. For example, they may mention an ongoing project at the company in passing – this is your chance to get more details and slip in any experience you have that is relevant.

Join us on our mission to advance and improve patients’ lives

Now you’re ready to make a lasting impression in your next video interview all that’s left to do is find the right job opportunity for you. Browse clinical research jobs or to hear more from ICON, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a career in clinical research.

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