An internship at ICON is a great option for anyone looking to gain practical experience in their desired field. 

Not only does it provide an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, but it also allows for networking with professionals in the industry. Internships can also serve as a valuable addition to a resume, showing potential employers that the individual has real-world experience and is committed to their chosen career path. 

Additionally, internships often give insight into the day-to-day workings of a company, providing valuable knowledge that cannot be gained through traditional classroom education.

Overall, internships are an excellent way to gain experience, build a professional network, and stand out in a competitive job market.


Accellacare provides internships annually. Interns work an average of 15 hours a week from August through to April, where they are trained on site processes, providing support to our coordinators. Accellacare Interns are able to ramp up more quickly than average employees because they gain a strong foundation of knowledge regarding research terminology, regulatory processes, good clinical practice, and more through the internship. On average, 40% of ICON’s Accellacare interns convert to full-time roles.

ICON hosts a 10-week paid summer internship in North America where interns have the opportunity to learn from Senior Leaders while helping achieve organisational goals. Incumbents attend sessions designed to enrich their knowledge of the clinical research industry, the drug development process, and the corporate structure of a global company. Internships are available in various departments, from project support to technology and corporate support. On average, 35% of ICON’s EPIC interns convert to full-time roles at the company. Recruitment for EPIC Summer Internships launches each spring, and internships begin in June.

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