Development Opportunities

ICON offers a variety of development programs that are designed to help individuals grow their skills and advance in their careers. 

These programs include training courses, mentorship opportunities, leadership development workshops, and more. By participating in these programs, individuals can gain valuable knowledge and experience that can help them succeed in their current roles and prepare for future opportunities. 

In addition, ICON's development programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance they need to reach their goals. 

If you are looking to take your skills to the next level, ICON's development programs can help you achieve your full potential.


The CTM Curriculum is aimed at CTMs or aspiring CTMs. The program offers just-in-time, self-directed learning that is intended to be completed prior to performing the corresponding task, and provide you with an overall view of the tasks of a CTM through micro-learning and online learning modules.

The Project Management On-boarding program is a best-in-class learning program aimed for PMs and CTMs new to the company and CTMs acting as PMs. The program aims to develop the skills necessary for managing the different departments in cross functional projects following a project life cycle logic. The program is delivered in a blended learning format i.e. includes both self-directed learning and interactive workshops through case study discussions.

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