ICON Leadership

Meet the ICON Executive Leadership Team

At ICON, we are driven by a diverse team of highly experienced and visionary leaders. Our executive team brings decades of collective expertise in clinical research, drug development, and healthcare innovation. With their strategic guidance and unwavering commitment, we continue to push the boundaries and deliver exceptional solutions that advance human health.

Dr. Steve Cutler

Chief Executive Office

Mr. Brendan Brennan

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Ute Berger

President, Development & Commercialisation Solutions

Mr. Barry Balfe

President, ICON Pharma Development Solutions

Dr. Chris Smyth

President, ICON Biotech

Dr. Greg Licholai

Chief Medical & Innovation Officer

Mr. George A. McMillan

Chief Commercial Officer

Ms. Rose Kidd

President, Global Operations Delivery

Mr. Diarmaid Cunningham

Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel & Company Secretary

Mr. Tom O'Leary

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Joe Cronin

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mr. Simon Holmes

President Corporate Investments & Partnerships

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