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Digital interviewing: How ICON is increasing hiring flexibility

In today’s candidate-driven market, ICON understand that demand far outweighs supply. Antiquated hiring practices run the risk of losing out on attracting great candidates very early on in the recruitment process. Combine this with busy working schedules across different time zones and even with the most determination in the world, finding time to interview candidates can prove to be a lethargic game of phone and e-mail tag.

The modern candidate market has adapted to utilising mobile technology, social media and online portals which means it’s time for recruiters to redefine their recruitment strategies in accordance with this. It’s more important than ever to provide a good candidate experience as Personnel Today have reported that 74% of job seekers would warn others about negative experiences they have with an organisation. Where a recruitment process is made up of a multitude of stages such as job listing, interview scheduling, shortlisting, screening, selecting, offer roll-out and onboarding – the ability to engage candidates should be a real priority for organisations.

With the introduction of HireVue – a digital interviewing software – the global Talent Acquisition Team at ICON have further streamlined the recruitment process in relevant areas, providing hiring managers (HMs) and candidates with a better recruitment experience. Through changing the conventional processes, ICON can better cater to candidates’ strong suits understanding that CVs and face-to-face interviews aren’t the best way to assesses everyone’s strengths, nor are they the most accessible.

So how have ICON streamlined and revolutionised the hiring processes to better suit candidates?

On-Demand Interview

On-Demand interviews consist of a one-way video recording software in which the candidate is prompted to answer a number of questions preselected by the HM. This process can replace both CV reviews and phone screens along with the need to synchronise candidates and HMs’ calendars. On-Demand interviews can allow HMs to evaluate a higher number of candidates in their own time and also brings the CV to life – meaning their time is spent deciding between the best candidates, as opposed to wasting time tracking them down. In addition, candidates are given time to cool their nerves by completing a practise question and can have notes on hand which provides them with more tools to better answer questions and complete tasks.

Real-time interview

There is also the option to interview in real-time through the HireVue ‘Live’ interview function. Live interviews allow the HM to interview the candidate at a time that suits them and provides HMs with the option to ask others for their input without taking time out of their day to do so. This also means that the process is not elongated, and answers can be reviewed thanks to the recording function available through HireVue. Real-time online interviews provide candidates with the flexibility to interview without wasting time commuting while still having the opportunity to build a repartee with the interviewer who can answer any queries for them.

Candidate Assessment

In tandem with recruiters, HMs can design structured and standardised interviews which allow for a quick and easy evaluation afterwards. To do this, On-Demand interviews can be personalised with a mix of pre-recorded questions, opening and closing videos. The questions can be a mix of competency-based and situational-based questions that can be presented with timed video responses.

To keep things varied, a HM can decide to invite candidates to respond to questions through video, text response or single or multiple-choice response answers to cater for different strengths. A HM also has the option to assess a candidate’s technical ability e.g. solving code, through a case study or data analysis. This way, HMs can spend more time assessing candidates’ potential in place of previous experience. HireVue also allows you to evaluate candidates side by side, providing insights that run deeper than more traditional screening methods.

ICON’s aims

ICONs objective is to be the top employer brand of choice. As an employer, it continuously looks for ways to streamline the recruitment process. With the introduction of digital interviewing software, positive strides have been made towards improving candidate engagement, driving better and more consistent decision making, reducing the time invested for a greater return of candidate quality and increasing the diversity of our talent pool whilst eliminating challenges faced in today’s candidate market such as fraudulence and issues with identity.

Clinical research jobs with ICON

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